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Philips Hue Outdoor Lights will transform your backyard into an oasis.

I was extremely excited to see that Philips Hue has brought out a huge range of smart outdoor lights. Not only can I control...

Cheap Motion Sensor Under Bed Light Strip System Review – Vansky

If you have been looking for some ideas on how to brighten up a dark bedroom, you should check out the motion sensor under...

Amazing New Philips Hue Pendant and Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Philips Fair Hue and Phoenix smart ceiling pendant lamp review After renovating our Kitchen with down-lights, the last job to do was to work out...

Philips Hue Light Strips Installation Ideas | New Gen 2 Plus

Having used the Philips Hue Generation 1 strip light for about 1 year now, it was time to check out their latest Hue Gen...

Philips Hue light strip hack using 5050 RGB SMD for Stairs

I decided to strip apart the Philips Hue Light strip to do a stair light strip hack project. The origin Gen 1 Hue light...